Thank you for a great party and a fantastic experience!

Dance birthday parties in Milton. Rainbow coloured happy birthday text with balloons

June 25, 2018

Dear Dance Shoppe:

Yesterday, my daughter had the birthday party of her 5 year old life at your studio! An amazing time was had by all and I am told it is the talk of her kindergarten class this morning 🙂

Your birthday parties are fantastic – thank you for providing such a wonderful venue with great entertainment!

Mostly, I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Emily and Ava did to make our party a success:

  • They were helpful to us with our personal set up: grabbing extra tables, coat rack, etc.
  • They were courteous to us and our guests at all times
  • They were respectful to us and our kids
  • They were strong leaders with keeping the kids entertained and on task
  • They were adaptable: they created a routine on the fly to my daughters favourite song! They ordered an extra pizza to accommodate our growing numbers.
  • They were prepared: they downloaded the whole Moana album to go with our Moana/ Hawiian party!
  • They were FUN!!!

These young ladies are a true asset to your company as they keep the kids entertained and interact well with guests of all ages.

And they can dance ????

Thank you for a great party and a fantastic experience!


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