Studio Hoppers

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Is the grass greener on the other side?

When you are thinking about what is commonly referred to as “studio hopping” there are several things to think about as sometimes it can do more harm than good. On the negative side, are you getting consistent training by moving from dance studio to dance studio? However on a positive note, getting different opinions and different teachers can be beneficial in building a well-rounded dancer. Dance families should have a clear understanding of what their specific needs and wants are when they register at a studio.  What is important for your dancer?

1-Think about the opportunities provided for all dancers. Some studios although they may have a large

competitive team only showcase a select few dancers within their choreography.

2-Often dance studios provide guest teachers and outside choreographers to their students so that it is not necessary to

“studio hop” to get a variety of classes, techniques and styles.

3- Ballet should be a priority for dancers looking to build strong technique and not all studios offer a solid ballet


4- What level of training do you want to commit to?  The number of hours a dancers trains varies from studio to

studio.  Full Time dancers can train anywhere from 6 to upwards of 25 hours per week!

The trick is to find the one studio that best suits your needs. Open communication is important, make sure your studio knows what you are looking for.

And how to leave a studio…..

If you do find the need to leave a studio the best way is to finish the current season and move on. Dance Teachers and Directors do not own any of the dancers and at the end of a season and you are free to go wherever you feel.  Teaching dance is a career built on passion and dedication.  Out of respect for all the blood, sweat and tears dance teachers put into each individual student it is common curtesy to be up front and honest when you are considering other studio options and thinking about auditioning elsewhere.

1-     Your Director may have suggestions for you regarding where you should audition based on what you are looking for.

2-     If you have concerns to express regarding the previous dance season it gives your Director the chance to listen and accommodate any of these. Teachers and Directors cannot fix what they don’t know is broken.

3-     If the final decision is to leave, an open conversation gives all parties involved the chance to say goodbye and leave on good terms.

The dance world is a small place and many Directors and Teachers are well networked and in touch with each other.  Studio Hoppers often get the bad wrap from studio directors, for being difficult hard to please families. Jumping from studio to studio makes you the common denominator and leaves studio Directors wondering why you keep leaving each studio.

Keep in mind when making choices that the dance world is a very small place and you never know when you might end up running into someone from you dance background.  Mutual respect for all parties is the most important thing!

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