Isabella Herbert 2nd Place! Why She Loves Dance!

Young competitive dancer with 2nd place awards

My name is Isabella Herbert and I am a dancer. Dancing is one of my favourite things to do. I love dance because it gives me exercise, makes me an athlete and helps me to become strong. Dance helps me to meet new people make new friends and I love my TDS dance friends.

I feel happy when I dance because it is fun and awesome and exciting. When I am dancing, my dance teachers help me to learn new moves rather than making them up on my own and my dance teachers are the best. When I do a competition I sometimes feel a little bit nervous but I also feel really excited. I love to dance on stage in front of my parents and my family and most of all, love all my amazing costumes and can’t wait to wear them. My three favourite dances are acro, hip hop and jazz but I still like ballet and tap too.

Dance is sometimes hard work because you have to practice to remember your steps. I know that If I work hard at dance I will one day be a great dancer and maybe even teach other kids to dance. Sometimes in your dance team you have to help others learn new steps and I enjoy being a role model to other dancers. Dance teaches me to work together with my dance friends and help each other to be better dancers. We are a team I love to watch all the different dance classes, there are so many good dancers and they are all fun to watch. Dance teaches me that you don’t always win and you make mistakes but that’s okay because you remember next time to work harder and fix your mistakes.

I love dance because it gives me strength, courage and confidence and I am very happy to be part of the TDS Dance Shoppe dancers.

Picture Drawn By Isabella Herbert
Picture Drawn By Isabella Herbert

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