En Pointe!!

TDS students shopping for pointe shoes

Buying your first pair of pointe shoes is one of the most exciting events in a young dancer’s life! Pointe work is beautiful, if done correctly. So getting shoes that fit your feet correctly is a vital step in your dance education.

It is important to get your ballet teachers permission to get shoes because pointe work can be severely dangerous and damaging if you are not ready. Your dance teacher will assess whether you are ready; pointe-work requires lots of physical and mental strength, particularly in the ankles.

Recently TDS had some young dancers ready for their first pair of pointe shoes. The dancers travelled to “The Shoe Room” located at The National Ballet School in Toronto Ontario where they were professionally fitted for their shoes. The sales lady was very impressed with how strong the young dancers were and could tell that they were very well trained and had taken the pre-point classes to ensure they were ready for pointe.

Congratulations to these young TDS dancers. Your hard work and dedication has paid off! Looking forward to seeing you on pointe!

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