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About The Dance Shoppe

by Owner & Director, Ruth-Ann Gray

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Ruth-Ann Gray

Owner & Director

The Dance Shoppe

Growing up in Milton, Ontario and living here since 1975, I have learned that Milton has a very strong sense of family and community. I started dancing at a local dance studio in Milton at the age of 10. My love for dance grew stronger as I got older and I knew I had to spread the love of dance to as many people as I possibly could.  In 1994, I started The Dance Shoppe. Our first location was a small 700 square foot, 1 room dance studio, on Main Street below Troy’s Diner. My dream was to create a place where children could come and share my passion for dance.  Along with my mother, father, family and friends the The Dance Shoppe was built. Over the years, The Dance Shoppe has grown to have over 12,000 square feet of studio space, and has become a well known and well loved dance studio to Milton locals. We now have an incredible dance space where boys and girls, young and old, come to learn dance and express themselves through a variety of recreational and competitive dance programs as well as summer dance classes and camps. 

Here at The Dance Shoppe, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a safe and family friendly environment to learn and have fun. We believe everyone can dance, they just need to be given the tools and confidence to shine and be themselves. TDS is thriving now more then ever, and we are excited to see what the future holds. The one thing that has never changed and will never change is our commitment to our students and their families.

The Dance Shoppe is “Milton’s Family Dance Studio”, as families return to the studio, year after year, generation after generation. We want our dancers and their families to feel at home when at TDS. Our open-door policy allows families to communicate with us at any time for any reason. It warms my heart to watch so many young dancers grow up, move on, then come back to the studio with their own children.

Our creative and professional staff help us to bring quality dance lessons to many young dancers. My hope is that The Dance Shoppe will always be a safe and fun place for children in Milton, and continue to inspire dancers for many many years to come.

Milton has given me so much. I feel so very lucky and blessed to be able to work and live in this incredible community.

Come join our dance family and become a member of The Dance Shoppe, “Milton’s Family Dance Studio!”

Meet the Team

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Our Facility

The Dance Shoppe is a bright and family friendly dance studio. We have five large state of the art dance rooms, all with viewing windows and a closed circuit video system so you may watch all your dancers on one screen. Our 12,000 square foot dance complex has a front and back entrance to make it convenient to park and enter during busy times and inclement weather. Our spacious hallways and kitchenette make for a comfortable family atmosphere and allow you to enjoy your time at The Dance Shoppe. Each dance studio is individually controlled for heat and air conditioning to allow for an optimum temperature for your dancer to train in. The generous girls and boys change rooms/washrooms are both equipped with baby change stations along with lockers and hot and cold running water. The professional décor is both relaxing and tranquil. We are located in an area close to shopping and restaurants, with easy excess to the highway. We encourage you to come in and watch each class so you can see the enjoyment and the development of your dancer.


Dates to Remember

Dates are subject to change

Dates to Remember
2022/ 2023

Event Date
Classes Begin Week of
Monday September 12th
Thanksgiving Monday Studio Closed
Monday October 10th
Halloween Studio Closed
Monday October 31st
Santa Claus Parade Studio Closed
Saturday November 26th
Christmas Break Studio Closed
Thursday December 22nd to Sunday January 8th
Classes Resume Monday January 9th, 2023
Family Day Studio Closed
Monday February 20th
March Break Studio Closed
March 13th-19th
Good Friday Studio Closed
Friday April 7th
Easter Saturday Studio Open
Saturday April 8th
Easter Sunday Studio Closed
Sunday April 9th
Easter Monday Studio Open
Monday April 10th
Victoria Day Studio Closed
Monday May 22nd
Picture Day & Dress Rehearsal at the Studio Sunday June 4th
End of the year Recital
The Milton Theatre for the Arts
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
June 16th, 17th, 18th

Dates are subject to change

Dance Attire

Dance Attire

Students not properly attired may observe, but will not be allowed to participate in class.

  • Loose hair will not be permitted in class

  • No Jewelry will be permitted in class

  • Jeans or other non stretch attire will not be permitted in class

All shoes must be purchased by October 1st.

Creative Dance

Any style dancewear and or shorts & t-shirts will be permitted. Hair pulled back off the face in a ponytail. Bare legs and bare feet are appropriate for this class.

Ballet Age 3 & 4

A solid color body suit, (black, blue, or pink). Pink ballet tights or bare legs with ankle socks can be worn. Hair is to be in a bun (if possible) or pulled back off the face in a ponytail. Pink Ballet shoes are to be worn. A Ballet wrap skirt is optional.

Ballet Age 5 & 6

Lilac Mondor Bodysuit #1635 bodysuit, with pink ballet tights (Mondor style #345, #310, #314, #316, #319) or pink ankle socks Mondor #167. Hair must be in a proper bun, with hair net and bobby pins. Pink Ballet shoes are to be worn. Wrap over skirt – colour to match leotard; Mondor style #16100.

Ballet Age 7 to 12

Purple Mondor #3546 bodysuit with pink tight pink. Hair must be in a proper bun, with hair net and bobby pins. Pink soft ballet shoes in satin, canvas, or leather, with pink elastic.

Ballet Boys & Graded RAD Ballet Boys

A solid white T- shirt, black bike pants or leggings, black or white ballet shoes with black or white socks.

Graded RAD Ballet Girls: Pre-Primary & Primary

Lilac Mondor Bodysuit #1635 bodysuit, with pink ballet tights (Mondor style #345, #310, #314, #316, #319) or pink ankle socks Mondor #167. Hair must be in a proper bun, with hair net and bobby pins. Pink Ballet shoes are to be worn. Wrap over skirt – colour to match leotard; Mondor style #16100.

Graded RAD Ballet Girls: Grades 1-5

Purple Mondor #3546 bodysuit with pink tight pink (Mondor style #345, #310, #314, #316, #319). Hair must be in a proper bun, with hair net and bobby pins. Pink soft ballet shoes in satin, canvas, or leather, with pink elastic. Character skirts and Character shoes will be required for graded Ballet classes only.

Vocational Ballet Girls

Any style Sleeveless leotard – black, Waistband (optional) – 2 cm elastic, the same colour as leotard, Tights: pink (Mondor style #345, #310, #314, #316, #319), Soft pointe shoes or soft ballet shoes – pink with ribbons. Pointe shoes (pointe work section) – pink with ribbons


Any style dancewear will be permitted but must be suitable for dancing. Hair is to be ponytail or bun. Bare feet are required.


Any style dancewear will be permitted but must be suitable for dancing. Hair is to be ponytail or bun. Tap Shoes are required. Black Tap Shoes for all recreational tap recital dances.

Hip Hop

Any style athletic wear is permitted but must be suitable for dancing. Hair is to be in a ponytail. Dancers are to wear, clean running shoes. Black running shoes for all recreational Hip Hop recital dances.


Any style dancewear will be permitted but must be suitable for dancing. Hair is to be in a ponytail or bun.


Age 3 to 6:  bare feet.

Age 7+: a jazz shoe. Black jazz shoes for all recreational jazz recital dances 7 +

Musical Theatre

Any style dancewear will be permitted but must be suitable for dancing. Hair is to be in a ponytail or bun. Jazz shoes are required. Black jazz shoes for all recreational MT recital dances.


Any style dancewear will be permitted but must be suitable for dancing. Hair is to be in a ponytail or bun. – bare feet

Fees & Pricing

Terms of Service

In participating in our programs you agree to the following Terms of Service, Release, Payment Options, Cancellation Policy, and Notes.

Classes subject to change. Must have a minimum of 5 dancers per class.

Registering Online

To register on-line for our programs, you will need to first create an account with us. If you have done so with us in previous years, you will have the same email as the username but, will have to reset your password.

Please Note

Age Requirements: 

The cut off date for age requirements is December 31st – same as school. Enroll your dancers in their appropriate age group – dancers not enrolled in the appropriate age group will be withdrawn and will need to register again.

Wait Lists: 

If you find that a class is presently full, please put your child’s name on the wait list by clicking the ‘Wait List’ link to the right of a class you want. We use the wait lists to determine which classes we will need to open more of. We will attempt to accommodate everyone’s needs as to dance style, ages and times.


In part consideration of permitting my child (self) to participate in the activities of The Dance Shoppe Ltd., I agree to insure my child (self) against any injury or loss resulting from the activities and of travelling to and from theses activities. I agree to indemnify and save harmless The Dance Shoppe Ltd. and its employees, agents and volunteers from all losses, damages, claims and demands occasioned thereby. I authorize The Dance Shoppe Ltd. and its employees, agents and volunteers to provide all medical care, which they deem necessary for my child (self) in the event of injury. In Accordance with Ontario’s Freedom of Privacy and Information Act, I hereby grant The Dance Shoppe Ltd. permission to videotape my child at the year-end recital and participate in the studio photographs which may be used for promotional purposes. The Dance Shoppe Ltd. will not be responsible for any theft, damage, or injuries during classes or on the location premises.

Tuition and Programs

Registration for The Dance Shoppe programs begins May 1st. Classes run from the second week of September to the first weekend in June. Your space in a class is reserved for you, (the dancer) for the year.

Registration Fee:

A non-refundable one-time registration fee to be paid at registration.

  • $25.00 +HST per student
  • $40.00 +HST per family

Please note we are a 10 month program: approximately 38 weeks.

Per weekPay in full10 installments
30 minute class$465.57 +HST$46.56 +HST
45 minute class$527.94 +HST$52.79 +HST
60 minute class$590.42 +HST$59.04 +HST

Payment Plan: 10 Payments/ Installments – Visa / MasterCard

Pre-Authorized payment. Tuition Fee to be paid in ten (10) equal payments/installments. You must provide either Visa or MC. The 1st payment is due at registration. Monthly payments will be automatically deducted from your account, on the 1st of each subsequent month starting October 1st, 2022. Any outstanding balances will be automatically deducted from your account on July 1, 2023.

Family Discounts

The more programs you order the more you save! Your current order plus all your orders for the current year are used to calculate how much you save. Competitive, and Summer Programs are not included in these calculations and are not discounted. Your savings accumulate so your next order will show the additional savings and ordering all at once will save the most as all qualifying programs on the order receive the full discount:

  • 10% off 3rd class per student
  • 15% off 4th class per student
  • 20% off 5th class or more per student

Summer Programs

On-line registration begins March 1st each year. Your cancellation request must be received in writing 30 days prior to your camp date in order to be eligible for any refund, as determined by The Dance Shoppe Management.


Summer Program Fees to be paid in full as of registration date.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling within 30 days of registration or within your first 30 days of classes:

Within 30 days after your registration date and or first 30 days of classes, a refund of the tuition balance only will be made, or future payments will be suspended. Your cancellation request must be received in writing (email) within 30 days of your first class. dance@thedanceshoppe.com

Cancelling after your first 30 days of classes:

If you would like to cancel your membership, you are required to advise us via email 30 days prior to cancellation so that we can process and cancel your pre-authorized payments. Please email us at dance@thedanceshoppe.com. If you have pre-paid for the year, you will receive a credit only on your account to be used later or for another program.

Cancelling by TDS:

Should the need arise for the studio to ask a parent to withdraw a dancer; a refund of the tuition balance only will be made and or the monthly installments discontinued.

If The Dance Shoppe is unable to begin classes on Monday September 12th, 2022, due to the Covid-19 crisis, programs will be moved to an online (ZOOM) format. If this occurs, customers will be entitled to a full refund of their tuition if they so choose. An email will be sent from the studio advising everyone should this occur.

Should The Dance Shoppe be forced to close due to municipal/provincial/federal guidelines later, classes will be moved to our online format. The following will also be applied:

A) TDS will firstly attempt to make up any missed classes. All tuition fees will still be applied in this case.
B) Should TDS not be able to makeup missed classes, a credit may be applied to the dancers account to reflect
the amount of tuition for the classes missed. Monthly payments for tuition will be suspended.
C) All other fees are non-refundable and will be evaluated case by case for the possibility of a credit. This
includes but is not limited to costume deposits, birthday party deposits, competitive entry fees etc. These
credits are largely dependent on our suppliers.

Year End Recital and Costumes

The recital is optional for recreational dancers: 

Before making your deposits and committing to the recitals in June you must read all the information provided in the Recital News section of the Registered Families pages – beginning December 1st each year this page is updated with important dates and details including the Recital Handbook, Shoes and Tights, Picture Day and Dress Rehearsal Schedules, Who’s In Which Show, Box Office and Ticket Sales.

Costume deposit due on or before January 18th to perform in recitals: 

Costume deposits are non-refundable

Before the deadline posted you must either pay your costume deposit or OPT OUT of recitals for each program using the links provided on your Account Details page. In paying your costume deposit you are committing to pay the full price of the costume and agreeing to the information as provided in the Recital Handbook.

Give the gift of dance

With No Long-Term Commitment !

6 Week Dance Programs

No dance recital. Limited space available.

Register Now Before Classes Sell Out!

Step 1Choose a Session

  • Session # 1

    Week of February 1st - March 11th

  • Session # 2

    Week of March 22nd - April 29th

  • Session # 3

    Week of May 3rd - June 10th

Step 2Choose a Class

  • Wednesdays

    Ballet 3/4 Years 4:45pm - 5:15pm
    Ballet 5/6 Years 4:45pm - 5:15pm
    Hip Hop 10+ Years 7:30pm - 8:30pm

  • Saturdays

    Acro 3/4 Years 12:00pm - 12:30pm
    Ballet 3/4 Years 12:30pm - 1:00pm
    Ballet 5/6 Years 1:00pm - 1:30pm
    Hip Hop 3/4 Years 1:00pm - 1:30pm
    Hip Hop 5/6 Years 1:30pm - 2:00pm
    Acro 5/6 Years 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Step 3Register

Once you’ve decided on which session and class you’d like, click the Register Now button below to complete your registration and secure your spot. Limited spaces are available, register now before they sell out!